Here you will find relevant solutions to the physical, psychological, social and financial challenges faced by cancer patients and their caregivers.

What is this all about?

Trusted Health Partners is a social and high-tech startup dedicated to people with cancer or other serious chronic diseases and their caregivers.

Due to specialized conversational agents (chatbots), the secure platform allows for a detailed characterization of the suffering, problems and preferences of patients throughout their illness, on physical, psychological, social and financial levels.

The platform then automatically identifies the most relevant validated solutions among those selected by THP or its partners (patient communities, associations, social workers, healthcare professionals, complementary care specialists), and proposes them to patients in order to build on long-term personalized support.

THP is therefore both a center for the discovery of personalized solutions and a multidisciplinary virtual team for medical, psychological, and social support, available 24/7. Its platform is accessible online through subscription, either directly by patients or as a white label via patient associations or health insurance companies.

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If you represent a patient association or a mutual health insurance company, then let's become partners!

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Because we share a common mission: to support people with cancer and their caregivers throughout the disease and provide them with the right resources at the right time.

And now, with our platform, you can facilitate this personalized, caring support for many people at once, 24/7 without changing your organization.

I represent a health insurance company

When affected by cancer, either personally or through a loved one, your policyholders need ongoing, personalized support to help them live more serenely with the disease, optimize their care, and reduce its social and professional impact.

They trust in us.


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