Patients & Caregivers

To identify the best resources available and find solutions to the physical, psychological, social and financial challenges you face.

Have the first and the last word.

After hundreds of discussions with cancer patients and their caregivers, we realized two things. Cancer impacts all areas of your life, so it must be treated holistically. Your physical and mental well-being, your relationships with others, your work and your finances are all equally important to maintaining your balance. Second, while it is true that there are many resources available online, finding the right resource at the right time seems impossible.

This is why we are looking for a group of enthusiastic people who would like to try our service completely free of charge and share with us how we can improve it. We want to know everything!​

For Patients

For Caregivers

Advantages for patients and caregivers

  • Personalized conversation. Over the long term, without taboo or judgment.
  • Multidimensional conversation. Concerning the four dimensions of quality of life – physical, psychological, social, and financial.
  • Relevant conversation. All proposed solutions are based on available scientific evidence and the collective intelligence of patients, specialists, and other professionals.
  • Affordable conversation. We offer a free, separate caregiver account to each patient subscriber.
  • Ethical conversation. We will not sell your data or monetize the platform by selling advertising space. All your exchanges on the platform are secure and we will remain independent from our partners.

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